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Welcome to my blog !! A blog where I share with my readers my journey as a mother to my two loving growing boys.  Boys who are sometimes utterly delightful, giving me boundless joy by just being around them and sometimes they are like little dictators when I have no idea how I am going to make it until their bedtime !!! Yes, I am actual parent just like all of us, who can’t do it all. But, there are always those moments of spectacular delight, those unconditional love, those hugs, those smile, which is worth every reason to be a parent. As they say, a mother’s influence is far-reaching and everlasting, I am trying to do my part to have that positive influence on my boy and chronicling that here.

Apart from being a mother, I love to travel, read, craft and love to watch the sunset on the beaches. I have Masters in Computer Science and worked as Senior Data Analyst. I had enjoyed diving into data and publishing Business insights. Currently, I am trying to make our house a HOME, teach our children, learning about healthy eating and growing our own produce in our little garden, and enjoy it all by posting it here. I love learning new things, free time, snuggles from my kids, and chocolates and want to lead a simple life.

Thanks for stopping by. Please come back. Email me when you want at myworldtheirway@gmail.com

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