Heart Coordinate Graphing Activity

This school year, my son learned about coordinate systems. So, as a fun addition to his learning, I decided to create a graphing math activity. In this activity, he will have to put his knowledge of coordinate system, coordinate graphing and ordered pairs to create a heart shape.

To begin with, he started by plotting a series of ordered pairs to a coordinate plane. Once each point was plotted, he connected the dots to reveal the hidden shape – A Heart ! Though, he should have connected the points with line segments as he was plotting them. Download the printable for this activity.

Now, he wanted to practice graphing a heart on the coordinate plane in all four quadrants. I quickly went over all the four quadrants with him. I showed him him how to graph them with positive and negative numbers. In school, he has not yet learned about negative numbers, but he has basic knowledge of them. In fact, he enjoyed doing this activity more than the previous one.

Click below to download the activity printables.

This graphing activity is suitable for kids in fourth grade. And, a perfect one to integrate math and Valentine’s day.

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