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In our home we love to practice basic math fundamentals using a deck of card. Target number is one such interesting math card game to practice the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts and the order of operation. My kids are engaged and having fun while playing this game, and love playing it over and over again.

What you need

  • Two decks of cards ( remove Jack, Queen and King ). Ace equals 1 .
  • 2 players
  • Paper and pen

How to play Target Number Math Card Game

  • Deal five cards to each player.
  • Flip one card from the top of the deck and place it in the center. This card will be the target number.
  • The goal of each player is to use the cards in their hand to add, subtract, multiply or divide to reach the target number.
  • Each player must try to use all five cards, but must use at least 2 cards.
  • If a player can make the target number, he/she will write the letter “T” from the word “TARGET” to a piece of paper.
    • For example, if the target number is 5, and the player has a 2, 7, 2, 3, 3, he/she could use one of these equations : “3+2” or “(3+3)/2+2” or “(7+3)/2” or “(7 + 2 + ( 3×2))/3”.
  • Players must then discard all of the five cards in their hand along with the target number card.
  • Five more cards are dealt to each player and a new target number is placed in the center. The play continues until one of the players has written all the letters of the word “TARGET”.

Additional Math Card Games

  • Tens Go Fish is a mathematical adaptation of the classic “Go fish” game.  And it helps to practice the combinations of ten. 
  • Flip Ten is a spin off of a traditional memory match game to practice the addition facts and learn the combination of tens

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