Sloth themed Scratch-Off Father’s Day Card

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When I saw this Sloth themed scratch-off card on Etsy, I wanted to have my kids make something similar for their dad on Father’s Day. Kids were excited about making these scratch-off cards to hide their sweet surprise messages for their dad. These sloth themed scratch-off Father’s day card are so easy and quick to assemble. All you need is a card stock, acrylic paint, white crayon and dish soap. They are so easy to make, that even little kids can follow along easily.




Print out the pattern and fold the paper in half to make a card.

Download it HERE.

Write the message for your dad in the heart shaped box.

In a plate, combine two parts acrylic paint with one part dish soap. Mix them together with the paint brush gently to prevent the mixture from creating suds.

Color over the heart with the message using white crayon. Press firmly and make sure the crayon wax completely covers the heart shaped box. Any areas that are not colored will collect the paint and can not be scratched.

Use the paint brush to apply the paint-soap mixture to the heart shaped box in thick strokes. Let it dry and repaint over it again.

Once the paint is dry write a sweet message to your dad inside the card and brighten his day with this lovely card. Attach a penny if you want so that he can scratch it off to reveal the message.

Surprise your dad this father’s day with your own home made sloth themed scratch-off card to show how much you love him.


What if you don’t have acrylic paint ?

  • You can always use posted paint. They also work fine.
  • Do you have an old nail polish lying around. Use that instead of acrylic paint.

What if you don’t have white crayon ?

  • Instead of the white crayon, cover the message with a clear adhesive tape and paint over it.

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