Star Wars Lightsaber – DIY

Diy Star Wars Lightsaber

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! May the Fourth is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. And, if you’ve got a Star Wars fan at home then this lightsaber mini edition is a great craft for them.


To make them you need


Watch the full tutorial here

Instructions to make them

If there is a bendy portion in the straw then break it off.

cut the bendy straw

Place the coin battery between LED wires, so that the positive side of the battery contacts the positive ( longer) LED wire. And the negative side of the battery contacts the negative (shorter) LED wire. The LED bulb should light up.

check the circuit

Secure a tape to the LED and the battery.

tape the circuit

Insert the LED into the straw.


Your Star Wars lightsaber are ready for action.

The kids had so much fun playing with them that we ended up making a few lightsabers with different colored straw.

So, what is Star Wars Day

May the Fourth is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. The expression “May the force be with you” is widely spoken and repeated by characters in the Star Wars series as a means of wishing the other person a safe mission and good fortune against the dark side. The force is strong and supports those characters who make good use of it.

So because of a pun, Star Wars Day was made, and that’s all there is to it. “May the force be with you.” May the Fourth (be with you).

So, hurry and grab the supplies to make your own mini version of lightsabers.

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