Mother’s Day Lilac Card Craft

Mothers Day Lilac card craft

Show your mom how much you love her by making this beautiful, handmade lilac card craft on Mother’s Day. All you need is a card stock, a few q-tips, some kids paint and a touch of creativity. They’re so easy to make, that even little kids can follow along easily.


Materials for Mother’s Day Lilac Card Craft

  • Cardstock
  • Q-tips
  • Rubber Bands
  • Kids Paint ( pink, purple, violet )
  • Colored Crayola Pen

Watch the full tutorial here

How to make them

Fold the paper in half to make a card.

Grab a handful of q-tips and bundle them together with a rubber band. I made three different q-tip bundles with varying thicknesses.

Place some pink, red-violet and purple colors on the plate.

Dip the thickest q-tip bundle into the pink color.

Starting 1″ inch from the bottom left corner of the card, start tapping the pink q-tip bundle diagonally across the card to make a corn cob like shape. I tilted the q-tip bundle wherever I needed less paint thickness.

Repeat the same process by dipping the remaining q-tips bundle into purple and violet color and tapping over the corn cob shape made with pink color.

Keep tapping the colored q-tips until you’re happy with the lilac design.

Similarly, make another lilac flower above it.

With a green colored pen, draw the stem and the lilac leaves.

Write a sweet message to your mom and brighten her day with this lovely card.

Here, is some more activities to do on Mother’s Day with your kids.

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