I Love you – Math Equation Card

Mothers day card

Say I love you Mom in a funny and amusing way…….with math and equation! Whether your mom is a math teacher or a math whiz, this is a cute way of telling her how special they are to you!


Materials for I love you – Math Equation Card

Watch the full tutorial here

How to make the card

Fold only, 3/4 of the paper in half to make a card. The 1/4 of the paper should be left alone.

Write the below equation along the horizontal line where the folded flap meets the paper. Write the numbers of the equation in such a way that if an imaginary line is drawn horizontally through the midpoints of the numbers, upper middle part of the numbers are on the top flap of the card and the lower middle part is on the 1/4 piece of the card.

Open the flap of the card and you will see the letters I love you written on the lower part of the card.

Write a sweet message to your Math loving mom and brighten her day with this lovely “I love you “, math equation card.

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