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Making Pinwheels is an excellent craft for young kids. Not only they are quick to make but can bring instant joy and excitement. Yesterday, we made couple of pinwheel without using any push pins, and the kids had a blast. They even placed them next to their bedside table so that they keep blowing it whenever they want. In fact, they can are a perfect d ecor for a kid’s room. If you plan to make pinwheel for your little kids then try making them without pins as it is a safe alternative.


You would need the following materials

materials for pinwheel
  • Paper
  • Straws that bend or flex
  • Pipe cleaner
  • glue
  • To make a Pinwheel using pins ( you would need a pencil and a push pin )

Take a square piece of paper ( preferably a 6 by 6 square ), decorate it if you would like to.

Fold it diagonally corner-to-corner so that it make an X crease on the paper.

making the X - pinwheel

Cut all the four diagonal lines starting from the corners going up halfway upto the center.

Cut the clits - pinwheel

Gently, fold every other corner point and glue it to the center of the paper. You might need to hold and press them for sometime so that they stick together.

Making the wheel - Pinwheel

Cut a small circular piece of paper and glue it at the center of the pinwheel. Punch a hole in the center of the pinwheel. Roll one of the ends of the pipe cleaner and thread it through the pinwheel hole so that it doesn’t come off from the pinwheel.

beading the pipe cleaner - Pinwheel

Put the pipe cleaner through the straw from the flexible side. Make sure the straw is not touching the pinwheel and there is room for the pinwheel to rotate. Wrap the loose end of the pipe cleaner around the end of straw.

putting the straw - pinwheel without pins

Bend the straw and blow some air on it and watch it spin. A pinwheel without pin which is safe and spins freely is ready to use. And, so fun to make.

Alternative Way

What if you don’t have a flexible straw, then you can use this alternative method.

Cut a small piece of straw. Bead the pinwheel and then the small piece of straw through the pipe cleaner.

Make a small slit near one end of the straw. Put the pipe cleaner through that slit and wrap the pipe cleaner to the other end of the straw.

alternative method for pinwheel

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