Flip Ten – Addition Card Game

Flip ten math card game

Flip Ten is a simple math card game for practicing addition facts in a more fun and interesting way.  It is a spin off of the traditional memory match game to practice the addition facts of combination of tens. It’s always fun to play these games involving mathematics with my kids which is turn provides them with the opportunities to practice their key mathematical skills ranging, anything from addition to problem solving and reasoning. And, all you need to play these games is a deck of cards.


What you need

  • A deck of cards ( remove 10, Jack, Queen and King ). Ace represent 1 .
  • 2 players

How to play Flip Ten

flip ten addition math card

Place the cards face down in a 4 x 5 array.

Each player takes turn to flip two cards.

  • If the two cards add up to 10, then the player removes the two cards from the array and keeps them. The removed cards are replaced by two new cards from the draw pile.
  • If the two cards don’t add up to 10, then they are flipped back face down.

The game ends when no further combinations of 10 can be made or if there is no more cards left on the game board to be flipped or in the draw pile.

The winner is the player with the most combinations of 10.


  • You can have your kids write equation for each combination of 10 they make for an extra practice.
  • How many pair of 10’s we can make all together. ( we can make 18 pair of 10’s combination cards ).
  • If one player wins 8 pair of 10’s combination cards, then how many cards does the other player have.

Just like Flip Ten, the Tens Go Fish is also another great math game to practice addition facts fluency which is based on the popular Go fish card game.

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Happy learning while playing !

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