6 Coins Puzzle

6 coin puzzle

The 6 coins puzzle looks simple to solve but is trickier than you think. To solve this puzzle all you need is a piece of paper, 3 pennies and 3 quarters. The beauty of the puzzle is that it teaches kids many interesting connections between different area of mathematics like observing patterns and relationships, quadratic equations and mathematical induction


The 6 Coin Puzzle

First, draw a rectangle on a piece of paper and divide it into 7 squares. Label each square from 1 to 7.

Set up the puzzle, by placing one coin in each one of the squares and leaving the middle square empty. Lay down the 3 pennies on the first three squares from the left side and the remaining 3 quarters in the first 3 squares from the right side.

begin 6 coin puzzle

To solve the puzzle, your goal is to move all the coins from one end of the rectangle to the other end. It means, the pennies need to move to the rightmost squares and the quarters need to move to the leftmost squares. But, there are certain rules to do that.

  • Rule 1
    • The pennies can only move in one direction and the quarters in the opposite direction to the pennies.
  • Rule 2
    • Each coin can only move to the next adjacent empty square.
  • Rule 3
    • Each coin can jump only one coin at a time to land into an empty square

This is how the solution should look like

end 6 coin puzzle

Give it a try and share your solution in the comments below. How many number of steps you had to do to reach the answer. Or, check out the video to see the solution.

I hope you had fun solving the 6 coins puzzle.

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Happy Puzzling Together !

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