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It’s been a sunny day, so I asked my kids to pick up some leaves from the backyard for an art project. They came back with leaves in various shapes, sizes and color. Then we decided to add a creative and imaginative twist to our leaf collection. I doodled some pictures of animals and bugs on a piece of paper and asked them to reproduce them using leaves. They instantly jumped on the idea, and their imagination led them to creating some adorable animal craft using leafs.


To make these beautiful leaf animal craft, you would need

  • Leafs of different color, size and shape
  • Flowers to add more creativity
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • A heavy book to press the leaves which are not flat.
  • White Paper
leaf art materials

How to make Leaf Animal Craft

Rinse the leaves in the sink and let them dry on a paper towel.

Doodle some bugs, birds and animals on a piece of paper to get an idea on how to layout the leaves.

Use your imagination, and lay out the leaves on a piece of paper to match your art. Move the leafs around or place them on top of each other to see if they look like the animal you are imagining. Use grass or twigs to make antennas of the bugs and butterfly. Some leaves can be used to make feathers, claws or beaks. Let your imagination soar.

If the leaves are not laying flat straight, you can press them under the heavy book for a while or use a double sided tape to stay in the shape you want.

Here is a fish,

Fish Leaf Art

Once you have created your animal, add more details using some ferns or leaves to make it more realistic.

and how about this cute lion from a flower,

lion leaf art

how can boys not make a bug ?

bug leaf art

A hungry frog catching a fly,

owl leaf art

Trying to figure out how the fly looks on the frog’s tongue 🙂

fly on frog leaf craft

Make a cute little owl

owl leaf art

Beautiful pattern on leafs add up to the beauty of this butterfly,

butterfly leaf art

Praying Mantis without a wing, my boys liked making him without the wings

praying mantis leaf art

And the little creature who eats all our fruits from our garden every year, a squirrel.

squirrel leaf art

Let us know if you try a leaf animal art, we would love to see your creations.

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Happy Crafting !

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