Interactive Learning for Kids using Amazon Alexa

Alexa skills for interactive learning

There are times when you wish there was something amazing that can engage your kids for those another 30 minutes or so that you can get the work done or let alone have that time for yourself. You dream for your kids to play nicely with their toys or do a no-mess craft, but in reality, our technology savvy kids want their gadgets. So, how can that Mama keep her kids happy and still not give them their screen time? Do you wish there was a magic wand ? Well, that magic wand is Alexa. Much like any other form of tech gadgets, Amazon Alexa has tons of interactive learning activities for our kids. These activities include math exercises, spelling tests, storytelling, fact finding lessons, learning world capitals and much more.


Smart Math

Alexa can test you on your elementary math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison etc by asking you math questions.

Smart Kids

A learning quiz which helps kids learn about various topics such as Space, Geography and Culture.

Spelling Bee

A spelling quiz where you can even ask for the language of origin, word’s definition or an example sentence before spelling it. You need to spell the word clearly for Alexa to recognize the letters correctly. Play it with your kids once or twice so that they can get a hang of it.


It is storytelling game with interactivity and decision making that encourages creativity. You need to make sure the stories are appropriate for your kids age. There are many kid centered ear play stories like You and the Beanstalk,Hansel and Gretel, You choose Scooby Doo mysteries, Red Riding Hood and more.

Twenty Questions

It is a guessing game where Alexa ask you to think of an animal or a vegetable. Alexa then ask a series of questions trying to figure out which animal or vegetable you have guessed. Alexa loses if she can not guess it in 20 questions.

English Words

Alexa english Words skills can help you with finding the synonyms, antonyms, category of a word, similar words, sentence, definition and much more.

Geography Bee Trivia

Alexa ask a total of 5 random questions about the world, each of which has four possible answers. You need to answer each question by verbally saying the number of their answer choice. At the end of the questions, you would get to know how well you know the world.

This Day in History

 You can use Alexa to find out about the historical events that happened on this day and any other day of the year. Kids love to figure out what historical event happened on their birthdays.

Though, Alexa is a smart Artificial Intelligence device and can encourage digital literacy and develop core interactive learning skills for our kids, it is our responsibility as a parent to provide a healthy balance where children are free to use this technology by enforcing time limit.

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You can download the Alexa Cheat sheet to the commands for interactive learning for kids here.

Happy Learning !

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