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I believe, it is important as a parent to help our kids understand the connection between math and its implementation in every day life. The best way to do that is to introduce them to a real life problem which can be solved using the math concepts they know. One such simple math problem in everyday life is ‘ Shipment and Invoices’ where you have to match the shipment with the correct invoice based on some clues.


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These math problems develop kids deductive reasoning skills.


An employee at the bookstore packed books in three different boxes for shipment. Box A contained 23 books, box B contained 25 books and box C contained 34 books. The cost of each book was $17.63 and each box contained copy of the same book. In his really bad handwriting he wrote invoices for each box with some amount. He sealed all the boxes securely and forgot to label the invoices with the box number and left for the day. The first invoice was some dollar amount and 75 cents. The second invoice was some amount and 49 cents. And the last one was some dollars and 42 cents.

When the bookstore owner looked at the boxes and invoices, within seconds he figured out which invoice belongs to which box.

How did he figure that out in just a few seconds ?

Give it a try and leave your answer in the comments below or head over to the Solution.


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