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math and cooking and measuring

Math is in every aspect of cooking, from measuring to weighing and to reading and converting temperatures. But what if you don’t have any measuring tools while cooking, how can math come to your rescue. Enjoy this fun math puzzle with your kids while teaching them how to cook and incorporate math into it.


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The Problem

Imagine, you are hosting a cooking show and the recipe requires exactly 1 liter of water along with some ingredients. You have forgotten to bring the measuring cup. But there are 3 drinking glasses filled with some water. Glass A can hold 8 liters of water and has 5 liters of water in it. Similarly, glass B can hold 5 liters of water and has 3 liters of water in it. And glass C can hold 3 liters of water and has 2 liters in it. The cooking show is about to start. How can you measure exactly 1 liter of water by pouring only two times.

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