12 DIY Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards for Kids


Are you one of those mama’s who like to help their kids make homemade Valentine’s Day cards to hand out in their classroom. Look no further, I have designed some cute valentine’s day cards for you to use for free. I am sure your kids would love some designs from the below list to give it out to their classmates. Personally, I like to involve my kids as much as I can while making them, after all it’s for their friends and they need to show their love and care toward them.


These valentine’s day cards would be perfect for preschoolers and elementary aged kids. Simply, print out the free printable I have included with each design on a card stock paper. Cut the cards and personalize them. Attach a treat or an accessory with each one of them using a washi tape or ribbons. And they are all ready to be given out. Wasn’t it easy and quick ? I like these cardstock and washi tapes for my craft projects.

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Ruler Valentine card

Cut two slits on the opposite side of the card . Slide a ruler through it. The “You Rule Valentine” cards are ready. You can even use the Bookmark ruler instead of just plain ruler. Download the “You Rule Valentine” printable here


crossword puzzle valentine card

How about some crossword puzzles for young kids ? Just tape a pencil with heart design on it and you are good to go. Print the Cross Word Cards here .


crayon valentine card

This is a pretty useful valentine card for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Attach some crayons , colored pencils, wikki stix or water color paints to the card using a washi or double sided tape. Young kids would love getting them. Get the printable here.


Monster eye on you Valentine card

Kids love monster, sunglasses and googly eyes, so how about giving them a Valentine’s Day card with either one of them. You can either staple a bag of googly eyes to the card along with a fancy pom pom or tape a cute sunglass. Either way, kids would love getting them. Download the card printable here.

Bunny Valentine

Bunny Valentine card with eraser

You can either staple a healthy treat like the organic Annie’s Bunny fruit snack to the card or attach a heart shaped eraser, a valentine maze toy or light up hearts to the card using double sided tape. You can download the printable here.

OUT of this WORLD Valentine

Out of the World Space themed valentine card

Do you have a space enthusiast kid. How about treating them with an out of this world valentine card. Attach an astronaut or space themed eraser using washi tape or double sided tape or tie a bookmark with fun facts about outer space using a ribbon. You can download the printable here.


bubble wand valentine card

Which kid doesn’t love balloons and bubbles. Grab the card printable here, attach a heart shaped balloon or a bubble wand and make the kids happy.


Car themed Valentine card

Vroom ! Vroom ! Beep ! Beep ! Order the goodies, grab the printable here, attach them to the card and race over to let kids have some fun with their pull back cars. A perfect fun valentine card for preschoolers and kindergarteners.


Most Kids love pets. This cute valentine Day card is sure to make them feline loved. Download the printable here and attach a cute kitty goodie to go along with it,


Valentine day card

You can use this generic valentine day card with any goodie like pens, pencils, crayons, notepad, play doh, tattoos, balloons, bubble wands, squishy balls and even a sweet treat like chocolates or candies. You can download the printable here.


write valentine cards

A very simple and popular valentine card where all you need is a cute pencil with some heart design. Just poke two holes on opposite side and glide the pencil through it.It’s practical and economical as every kid uses pencils. You can download the card printable here.

I hope your kids would love personalizing one of these cute and adorable Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to all of their friends in the classroom.

And if you would like to make your own card design, you can try the free online photo editor Crello which has some cute graphics and fonts.

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Happy Valentine’s Day !

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