Best Strategy Board Game for Kids

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Looking for fun and entertaining strategy board game for your family game nights ? I have got you covered with my family favorites.


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Catan – Trade build Settle

Catan is an energy building game where you must settle on an island. It is a fun strategy game and requires 2 – 4 players to play. To build the settlement you have brick, wool, wood, ore and wheat as resources. You must get each of these resources to help you win. You may also trade these resources with other players. The resources are used to build settlements, cities, roads or development cards. As you build you get more resources and victory points. There are development cards which can get you knights and special abilities. You can also get victory points by building the longest continuous road or getting the most knights. The game ends when a player gets 10 victory points and is the winner.

  • Recommended age : 8+
  • Number of players : 2- 4 players
  • Playing Duration : 60 mins – 90 mins

Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride is a fun and easy strategy board game. In the game you try to build railroad all across America. You score points by making railroad tracks or by completing quests to make a railroad from one city to another. You earn bonus point by making the longest continuous railroad. The game ends when any one of the player is left with only 2 or less train cars. The winner is the person with the most point.

  • Recommended age : 5+
  • Number of players : 2-5 players
  • Playing Duration : 60 min


Othello is very fun and simple 2 player strategy board game. Its tagline “Minute to learn…lifetime to master” holds so true. The rules are so simple that even a 5 year old can easily understand and follow them. You master the strategy as you play the game as the lead can change hands from play to play. The game starts with two white and two black discs in the center squares on an 8 x 8 board. The 2 white discs are diagonal to each other and so are black discs. Player with black disc places a piece that is vertical, horizontal or diagonal to another one of their pieces. All the white discs of the opponent in between those, are swapped to become black disc. The game ends when all 64 squares are occupied.

  • Recommended age : 5+
  • Number of players : 2 players
  • Playing Duration : 20 min


Pandemic is a wonderful game of teamwork and strategy. The game has won many international award for best strategy board game in USA, Australia and France. In Pandemic, you and the other players work together to find cures to four different diseases to save humanity. Therefore, your team travel to major cities all around the globe to fight the disease, build research labs, trade city cards and even to eradicate diseases. There are many different characters to play from and each has their own unique ability. Since, it’s a team game, the team which has five of the same city cards, has visited the research lab and has cured the disease, wins. The losing team is the one with eight outbreaks in cities because outbreaks commonly happen from epidemics. There are six epidemic cards in total, but playing with few would make the game a little easier.

  • Recommended age : 8+
  • Number of players : 2 – 4 players
  • Playing Duration : 60 min


Sequence is a game of strategy and chance. The game can be played individually or as a team. You play a card in hand and place the corresponding chip on the board. Each card is pictured twice on the game board, so you need to place your chip wisely. The one eyed Jack is a wild card and gives you a chance to win because you can use it to remove your opponent’s chip. The two eyed Jack is also a wild card and it gives you a chance to place a chip on any space on the board. The first player or team who scores the required number of five cards in a row wins the game.

  • Recommended age : 7+
  • Number of players : 2 – 12 players
  • Playing Duration : 30 min

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