Spinning Ghost copter

Ghostcopter an Aerodynamic science project for kids

The spinning ghost is a perfect activity to do with your kids during the Halloween season. Its easy and simple and doesn’t require much time and materials. It is  made on the same aerodynamics principle as that of a paper helicopter.  The way the paper ghost hands are cut and folded would make it spin as it falls, just like the way a helicopter blades spin.


Materials required

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  1.  Gather all the materials.

Ghost copter - an aerodynamic science project

2.  Download or draw the ghost template and cut it out at the solid lines. Download the GhostCopterTemplate here.

Ghost Copter - An Aerodynamics science project

3.  Fold the wings at the dashed line. Fold one side away from you.

Ghost Copter - An aerodynamics science project

4.  Fold the other wing toward your side.

Ghost Copter - An Aerodynamics science project

5.   Fold the flaps on the lower body at the dashed line to the back. Glue the flaps together.

Paper Ghost Copter - An Aerodynamics science project

6.  Fold the lower part of the ghost body upward to give some weight and secure it with a tape.

Paper Ghost Copter - An Aerodynamics science project

7.  The Ghost copter is ready, release it from a height and see it spin.

Paper Ghost Copter - An Aerodynamics science project

When you drop the ghost , it will take a few seconds before it start spinning and to slow down. The ghost copter needs a certain amount of vertical space to begin its spinning When dropped from a height, the force of gravity pulls the ghost copter down whereas the air rushes out form under the ghost wings in all direction. The air resists the movement and pushes up against each wings separately, causing some of that thrust to become a sideways or horizontal push, causing the ghost copter to spin.

If you add paper clips to the body of the ghost copter it would  increase it’s weight and reduces the air resistance but increases the amount of air hitting the ghost wings and hence causes the wings to spin faster.

Try changing the shape and size of the wings and see how slow your ghost can spin and fall to the ground. Have fun experimenting it.

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