Magic Number 9 – Multiplying with 9’s


“How can I make math fun for my boys” is always an ongoing task for me as it always keeps them engaged and interested in math. They actually look forward to these games and are equally curious to understand and solve the mystery of Math.  How boring it would be if you have to do the same math worksheets every day.  In the next couple of days, I would be sharing all the math tricks and games I use to teach my kids with my blog friends, so stay tuned.

Today I would show you a quick and fail-proof method of multiplying with 9’s. The number 9 is a magical number, any mathematical calculations done with this number would produce some interesting numerical patterns.   Continue reading “Magic Number 9 – Multiplying with 9’s”

Educational Math Apps

Technology and kid’s education are reaching an important crossroad. These days kid’s have access to various technology devices ( smartphones / tablets / laptops). The world of smartphones has also made it possible for kid’s to browse through many choices in terms of available App’s.  However, its important for parents to help their kid’s make prudent choices of which app’s they pick. Here are some of the educational, fun and safe apps which I let my kids to play so that they can learn and revise their Math concepts. Afterall, Math is fun when you learn through play. Continue reading “Educational Math Apps”