Aadu Huli ( Tigers and Goat ) – A Math Game from India

Aadu Huli also popularly known as Tigers and Goat game is an ancient game played mostly in the southern parts of India. In this asymmetric game, one player controls 3 tigers and the other player controls a herd of 15 goats. The tigers “hunt” for the goats while the goats attempt to block the tiger’s movement. This two-player strategy game teaches a very powerful lesson that there is “Strength in Unity ” that even though weak, if united, one can conquer the stronger enemy as a team. Continue reading “Aadu Huli ( Tigers and Goat ) – A Math Game from India”

Baby Shower Party

Free Printables for Baby shower games

Recently, I, along with another mom hosted a Baby shower for one of our friend and we made it our DIY project and had so much fun doing it. I designed the overall theme, decorations and game for the baby shower and she baked some adorable cake pops.

For the games, we had Baby shower version of Price is Right and Word Scramble. Since, the parent-to-be have kept the baby gender a surprise, we gave each guest a Baby prediction and advice for new parents card and a notecard to write down wishes for the new baby. You can download all of them here -> Baby Shower Printables.

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Electromagnetic Train

Here is a fascinating project that shows how electricity and magnetism are closely linked. We would be creating a simple electromagnetic train which would move down a copper coiled track  all by itself.

To do this experiment , you would need to slide a train ( made up of a battery with strong magnets on each end)  inside a track (made up of copper coil). Continue reading “Electromagnetic Train”

Shisima – A Math Game from Kenya

Another version of 3 in a row game - Shisima

As a parent raising kids in this digital world, I am always looking for ways to incorporate more face-to-face interactions with my boys. We as a family, make it a point to spend atleast 10 – 15 minutes a day playing together, it can be either playing basketball together, a board game or experimenting and  building something together with Legos.

In one such search for a board game , I came across  a book Math Games and Activities From Around the World by Claudia Zaslavsky in our local library.  As most of us know, there is a popular “Tic Tac Toe” game based on “Three in a row” concept but did you know, there are lot of variations of “Three in a row” concept played around the World. This book features most of these kind of games which are played in different countries and also give a little glimpse to that countries culture. I would highly recommend this book.

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Beetroot Halwa

Beets and sweet go hand in hand. The natural sweetness of this winter vegetable is enhanced when cooked or roasted. This recipe is easy to cook and has very few ingredients. So, how about satisfying your sweet tooth using a healthy and delicious beetroot, this winter.

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Mixed up Lego Bricks – Part II

12 Red lego bricks, 16 blue lego bricks  and 18 yellow lego bricks are all mixed up in a drawer.  All the bricks are completely alike except for their colors.  The room is in total darkness, and you want two matching bricks.

You start pulling out bricks from the drawer, one at a time. What is the fewest number of bricks that you would need to take out of the drawer in order to be certain that you have a pair that match?

For solution, click below

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