Mixed Up Lego Bricks – Part 1

8 red Lego Bricks and 4 blue Lego Bricks are all mixed up in a drawer. The 12 bricks are completely alike except for their colors.  The room is in total darkness, and you want two matching bricks.

You start pulling out bricks from the drawer, one at a time. What is the fewest number of bricks that you would need to take out of the drawer in order to be certain that you have a pair that match?

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The First Day of Winter – By Denise Fleming

Age Group : Preschool to Kindergarten ( 3 to 6 yrs ) 

This read aloud book is a perfect addition to read to your kids on a cold winter days. It’s a joyful story about building a snowman. Along with rhythmic verses like ” a red cap with a gold snap, 2 bright blue mittens , 3 striped scarves, 4 prickly pinecones” the book talks about the elements and accessories needed to build a snowman. The illustrations are great and the text is simple. It also teaches counting and colors by repetition which is appealing to young children’s.

Activity to go with the story

To make a snowman you would require :

  • Felt
  • Googly eyes
  • toothpicks
  • Colorful buttons
  • Colored Construction Papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

President Day Craft

Today I would show you a very cute President Day craft to do with your little ones. It is a wig which looks like how Sir George Washington used to tie his hair.

Can you guess what it is made up of ? ..Yes , it’s a white paper bag. Aren’t these adorable ?

To make these you would need

  1. White paper bag
  2. A Black or Blue Ribbon
  3. A Scissor, Pencil and Glue

Cut the paper bag along the dotted lines as shown in the images below.

Tie the loose strips of the paper in the back side of the paper bag with the ribbon. It would look like how George Washington used to tie his hair in the back.

Use thin strips of the leftover paper to make curls in the front. Roll the paper strip on a pencil and leave it for few minutes. Glue them in the front side of the wig in layers to look like curled up hair.

Let the little people in the house adorn them but make sure they don’t start making rules of the house.

Happy Crafting !!