4 x 4 Sudoko on Mother’s Day

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What are all the kids and Dad’s planning for this year’s Mother’s day ? With stay-at-home order still in effect and no big family gatherings and brunches allowed, how about doing some activity together like this Mother’s Day Sudoko puzzle. This logical puzzle is pretty easy to do with your preschoolers and kindergarteners.


Mother’s Day Sudoko

  • Get the colored printable here.
  • If the kids want to color it themselves, then download it here.

Cut out the individual squares with the letters M O M and the flower at the bottom of the template.

To solve the puzzle, you need to place the squares with letters M, O, M and the flower only once in each horizontal row of squares, each vertical column of squares, and each 2 x 2 square box in the 4×4 grid. The puzzles have some letters filled in, and you need to work out the rest.

Click below on how to solve it

I hope this Mother’s Day you love solving these logical crossword puzzle, while spending some quality time together and giving your brain a workout.

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Thank you Leanne Guenther for this amazing idea.

Happy Mother’s Day !

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