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As the schools across the nation are closing due to the coronavirus epidemic, kids are encouraged to continue learning at home. Luckily, many educational websites and apps are allowing free membership to their resources for a limited time to help out the kids, parents and teachers. I have compiled some great resources for teaching kids at home and I hope you would find them useful.


Since, the kids have a structured learning environment at school, it would be a great idea to talk to them beforehand and explain the new normal. Assign a set place for learning and create a daily schedule with your kids. Divide the day into educational activities, exercise and creative work. And remember to be kind to yourself and not to stress yourself trying to recreate a classroom environment at home. Stay healthy and have fun in this whole new learning process.

Most of the resources are online and free and cover all major topics from english, math, science, social studies, art and technology for teaching your kids at home.

English and Math

Khan Academy

Khan academy is a fun educational website mainly focused on Math and Computing. There lesson plans are aligned with the school curriculum. They even have created a schedule to follow at home per grade. Check it out here.


Eureka is widely used in U.S. school by teachers for teaching Math from K-5th grade. The teaching material is grouped by grade and topics. It is a wonderful resource for worksheets and printable materials which are aligned with the state standards. Access their free resources here.


One of the favorite resources among teachers used in the classroom. There are short videos on vast array of topics from math, science, social studies, english, art and more. They are currently offering free access to all their videos during the period of school closure due to coronavirus. Request free access here.


Scholastic is offering free online educational program for kids. They have grouped articles for each day per grade level and reading level.

Epic !

Epic is one of our favorite digital library of ebooks. It has a wide selection of best children books for kids in the age group 2-12 years old. They have an ongoing promo of 30 days of free access to all the ebooks, videos and quizzes once you join it.


98thPercentile is offering one month free access to unlimited K-8 math and english online practice problems.


It is a fantasy based app and web game, designed for 1st through 8th grade, where kids answer math questions correctly to do a spell on the monsters and battle their way through different world. There is also a dashboard where you can customize the math skills you want your kids to revise.


Mystery Science

This is a wonderful resource for teaching kids science in a fun and engaging way. There are videos on a wide range of topics and are divided into mini lessons ( 15 to 30 mins ) and full lessons ( 45 – 90 mins ) with hands on activity. A great resource for K-5 science curriculum.

Crash Course Kids

There are lot of quick videos on different science topics ranging from life science, earth science, physical science and much more. They are perfect when you want to engage your young kids for a short span of time.

Physical Exercise


GoNoodle is widely used by teachers in the classrooms . It inspires kids to get active by jumping, shaking and dancing. It’s a great app to get the kids be active and not sit down for a long time.

Printable Worksheets


The website offers worksheets and learning resources for k-5 students. They are currently offering a one month free membership with code PARENTSTWINKLHEPS at checkout.

K-5 Learning

There are some reading comprehension worksheets per grade and topic for K-5 learning. There are tons of worksheets for spelling, vocabulary, grammar, cursive writing and much more.


The website contain tons of traditional worksheets on each and every subject. They also provide instructions for hand on activities, science projects and educational online games. If you are not a premium member, there is a limitation on the number of worksheets that can be downloaded per day.

Art & Craft

McHarper Manor Arts Studio

Starting from 17th March, a Visual art center in Cincinnati is going to go live daily from Monday through Friday at 1pm Eastern Time, with free art & craft tutorials to create at home with your kids. They would be publishing a shopping list of supplies needed for the project beforehand so that you can have everything on-hand to complete the project with them. Check out the supply list needed for the upcoming week here.



Its a school outside the school. They provide live online classes on a wide range of interesting subjects. I have heard great reviews about their classes and instructors but have never tried them yet.

World Geography Games

Play and learn about different countries and continents in this online geography game.

National Geographic Kids

There are lot of activities and quizzes on different topics for younger kids.

Ted Ed Talks

The website has lot of engaging educational videos on a vast range of topics for young students.

Moms Who Inspire

Join the facebook group of moms who share some cute and easy math, art ,craft and science projects with the community. Join it here.

I hope you would be able to find some fun, interactive and engaging resources for teaching your kids during this time.

If you are looking for some low-prep in-home activities to do with your kids, then check out these puzzles here, which can sharpen their critical and lateral thinking skills.

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Stay healthy and safe.

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