Fun Ways To Practice Spelling Words

Let’s face it , kids are lazy and ‘I am Bored’ is their favorite word. Top it with a list of spelling words to learn every week and they are definitely not happy about it. So, how can you make them interested to learn their spelling words. I have compiled a list of creative and interactive ways I use with my kids, for them to practice spelling words.


Catch a Ball

Using a beach ball, play the game of catch and throw, where each player spell one letter of the word as they throw the ball. I have these inflatable globe beach balls which my kids love playing with. They practice their spelling words along with learning about the world also.

Word Search Puzzle

Make a customized word search puzzle using your own word list here .

Add-a-letter Game

This is a fun game you can play with your kids. Pick a word from your word list and without telling it to the other player, write the first letter of the word. The other player writes the next letter and so on.

Spelling Word Pyramid

Starting with the first letter of the word on top, add the first and second letter in the second row and so on until the word is spelled down like a pyramid. For example, the word pyramid would be like below

Rainbow color word

Write each letter of the word with a different colored pencil or crayon so that it looks like a rainbow of colors. 

practice spelling words using different markers for each lettter

Make the word

Cut out each letter of the word from a piece of paper and place them inside an empty easter egg (Don’t have them at home, I ordered these plastic easter eggs online). Kids would have fun opening the easter eggs and figuring out the words.

practice spelling words using plastic easter eggs

Trace the word

Place flour in a baking tray or a plate and let your kid trace the words in the flour.

practice spelling words by tracing them in flour

Magic Words

Ask your kids to write the words from the word list using white crayon on a piece of white paper. Let them color over the words using dark colored marker. Kids would be amazed to see the words appearing magically.

Words with Beans

You can practice your spelling words by using beans to build the word.

All these ideas require very little prep time, therefore, can be implemented easily to practice spelling words in a fun way. I hope you would give them a try.

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