Matchstick Puzzles – Rearranging Squares

Matchstick puzzles are quiet time activity in our house these days. I have been doing them with my kids for a while now, you can check out our earlier post with matchstick puzzles Solving Equations and Changing Directions. Today, we worked on solving the puzzles where the kids had to rearrange the matchsticks so that the number of squares in the puzzle changes.


Change the Number of Identical Squares

Move two matchsticks so that we have 4 identical squares instead of 5.

And the solution would be to make a new square below the 2nd square in the top row . You would need to move the 2nd horizontal matchstick from the second square in the top row and the first horizontal matchstick in the last row to make the new square. By moving these matchstick, the second square in the top row and the first square in the last row are no longer a square and we have a new square.

Change the number of Non Identical Squares

Move 4 matchsticks to change the number of squares from 2 to 3. The resulting squares need not be identical in size.

The solution would be to move the 2 matchsticks from the top most right corner inwards so that they touch the sides of the inner smaller square. Similarly, move the 2 matchsticks from the bottom left corner inwards such that they touch the side of the smaller square. You now have 3 squares.

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