Candy Chromatography – Hidden Dyes in Colored Candies

Candy Chromatography

I opened a bag of M&M’s and there came out a bunch of different colored M&M’s. I picked the red colored one and then the green, trying to figure out if different colored candies taste different also. And I kept going on and choose another color and so on, until I realized the whole bag of candies had vanished.  I knew that all the M&M candies taste the same and its just the color which varies but  that’s what I remember, I enjoyed doing  as a kid,  Today, as a mother of two kids and being aware of all the artificial dyes used in the candies, I prefer using them for experiments with my kids. Continue reading “Candy Chromatography – Hidden Dyes in Colored Candies”

Candy Science Experiment – Peeling off letter ‘m’ from M&M’s

M&M’s – What is the first picture that comes to your mind ? Is it a bunch of “colorful small button shaped chocolates” with the letter ‘m’ printed on them. I bet “Yes”.  Have you ever wondered what is that letter ‘m’ made of and how does it get on them and if you can even separate the letter ‘m’ from the M&M’s ? How about trying some experiments with them instead of eating those candies ! Continue reading “Candy Science Experiment – Peeling off letter ‘m’ from M&M’s”