Wall Crawling Spiderman

Wall Crawling Spiderman

Here is your friendly neighborhood Spiderman ! My kids loved the new Spiderman homecoming movie. It was entertaining and action packed. We hope they also got the message that there is no rush for kids to grow up fast and save the world. It’s fun to do things at the right age. With Spiderman, its always good to remember that with Great Power comes Great responsibility. Well, we didn’t have the spiderman power to crawl up those high buildings but  used some magnet power to make a crawling spiderman craft.


Materials Required :

  • Magnet strip
  • 1 Adhesive magnet
  • Neodymium magnet
  • spiderman sticker
  • Backdrop printout
  • Cardstock
  • Lego pieces ( to hold the backdrop )
  • Glue, scissors and double sided tape

Download the Spiderman background

Materials needed for crawling spiderman craft

Gather all the materials. You can find all the supplies needed for this project at Home Depot and they cost less than $5 and the magnets can be used later also for other fun science experiments. ( Just a note : Neodymium magnets are very strong so to separate them from each other, slide them away from each other than trying to pull them apart ). You can also use any strong magnet instead of the neodymium magnets.


Spiderman Backdrop


Glue the backdrop on the cardstock and cut it out. Using the double sided tape, attach the backdrop to the two lego towers.



Glue the magnetic strip to the spiderman backdrop


Place the adhesive side of the magnetic strip on the black building in the backdrop.





Glue the spiderman sticker to the cardstock


Stick the spiderman sticker to a cardstock and cut it out.





Glue the button magnet on the back of the spiderman cutout


Check that the non adhesive side of the button magnet is attracted ( or sticks ) to the magnetic strip. Then, glue the adhesive side of the round magnet on the center of the spiderman’s back side.




Stick the magnetic side of the spiderman to the magnetic strip


Place the magnetic side of the spiderman on the magnetic tape.




Attach the strong magnet on the backside of the spiderman backdrop

On the back side of the backdrop, stick the neodymium magnet.





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Use 2-3 neodymium magnet to slide the spiderman up and down the building. The science behind this project is very simple. Since , all magnets have the ability to attract or repel other magnets and they don’t have to touch other magnetic objects for the object to be attracted to it.

Wasn’t it simple 🙂

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