DIY Spiderman Squishy Balls

Spiderman squishy ball

My younger son Tanmay is all praises for his teacher since the first day of his 1st grade. He came home and told me how fun it is to be in her class and how she has given each one of them a squishy ball to keep on their desk to play with while they are waiting for everyone else to get their work done.Isn’t that neat ? I am sure he is going to have an exciting school this year. Respect for all the teachers pouring their heart and time towards the betterment of each kid. So, with all that excitment, he wanted to make one right away himself and quickly gathered all the materials.


Materials needed are :

  • Balloon
  • Play doh
  • Sharpie pen
  • Funnel
  • Smooth dowel or a plastic dowel like toy (optional)



Gather all the materials. If you don’t have a funnel , you can either use a empty plastic bottle cut in half to act like a funnel ( or a pvc fitting (  like I have used ).



DIY spiderman squishy ball


Attach the balloon on the funnel or pvc fitting opening.





Knead the play doh a little to soften it and make small cylindrical rolls like a sausage.




Push the play doh rolls through the funnel inside the balloon using your fingers or the dowel. Keep doing it till the balloon is mostly filled with play doh.  ( I have tried pushing the play doh inside the balloon without using a funnel and it was a tedious task as the play doh keeps sticking in the opening of the balloon and doesn’t slide down smoothly ).


DIY spiderman squishy ball

Remove the funnel  and tie a knot on the balloon.Using a sharpie, draw the desired face on the balloon may be an emoji or a spiderman or a mickey mouse.

Be creative !


Spiderman squish ball


Let the sharpie marker’s ink  dry for a minute before you start playing with it. Your squishy ball is ready to play and to keep those fingers excercising.





If you liked this craft, please follow my blog for more fun and exciting spiderman craft and science coming up.  

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