Peek a Boo – A Dynamic Paper Craft

Do you remember when your kids played peek a boo while they were a baby and how joyful it was to watch them. In this adorable craft, me and my boys tried to create the same delightful moment. Here, a baby is playing peek a boo with his blanket. When you push the toy upward the baby would hide himself behind the blanket and when you would pull the toy downward, the baby would peek out of his blanket. Its a very simple and quick craft to make.

Materials required

  • Card stock or some stiff paper.
  • 1 Straw
  • 1 thin stick/chopstick which can go through the straw.
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Tape, ruler and scissor

Peek a boo - dynamic paper toy


Print  the template or draw it on a piece of thick paper or card stock and color it.


Download the Peek a Boo Template




peek a boo - paper toy



Next, using a ruler, fold the paper at the dotted lines as shown in the picture. At the chin of the baby, fold the paper towards the front side.



peek a boo - dynamic paper toy


Fold the paper to the back side at the shoulder of the baby.




Now, try moving the paper and you would see a Z-fold from the side. This Z-fold technique would help in the upward and downward movement of the blanket.

Once satisfied with the movement of the baby’s face, you can cut the outlines of the template.

Cut a small piece from the straw and tape it on the backside of the blanket.  Straighten out the Z-fold and slide a stick through the straw and tape one end of the stick to the backside of the baby’s head.

The toy is now ready to play. Hold the toy with one hand and move the stick up-down. This dynamic paper puppet would pull and push the paper blanket as if playing peek a boo and definitely would take you down the memory lane.

Happy Crafting !

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