President Day Craft

Today I would show you a very cute President Day craft to do with your little ones. It is a wig which looks like how Sir George Washington used to tie his hair.


Can you guess what it is made up of ? ..Yes , it’s a white paper bag. Aren’t these adorable ?

To make these you would need

  1. White paper bag
  2. A Black or Blue Ribbon
  3. A Scissor, Pencil and Glue

Cut the paper bag along the dotted lines as shown in the images below.

Tie the loose strips of the paper in the back side of the paper bag with the ribbon. It would look like how George Washington used to tie his hair in the back.

Use thin strips of the leftover paper to make curls in the front. Roll the paper strip on a pencil and leave it for few minutes. Glue them in the front side of the wig in layers to look like curled up hair.

Let the little people in the house adorn them but make sure they don’t start making rules of the house.

Happy Crafting !!

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